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How to Clear Lungs After Smoking In Detail

Posted by Howard Guy on April 18, 2011 at 6:31 AM Comments comments (0)

In my previous post I gave a few helpful tips to get your lungs cleansed ofthe toxic tar inside them. However, this is not enough to clean lungs aftersmoking. You need a full lung detox regime that will help you clean out thelarge clumps of tar that line the inside of your lungs, but also heal you fromwithin to flush out the toxic chemicals that fill your lungs and entire body!

This is done in what is known as a holistic treatment. This means you must look at your health from a number ofdifferent angles. Physical, psychological, social, and many others. It takes acombined approach of a number of methods that when combined - form a solutionmore powerful than the sum of its parts.

This takes a lot of time and dedication and planning which can put alot of people off even though it is so essential to becoming healthy again. Soto help you deal with this and get all the information you need I have a greatlink for you to follow.

Follow the link below to a complete guide to lung detoxification thathas helped heaps of people really purge their lungs of this disgusting stuffand live a healthier life for themselves - and their family.

Clear Lung After Smoking



Lung Clearing Tips

Posted by Howard Guy on April 15, 2011 at 6:19 AM Comments comments (0)

If you have quit smoking, your next task has to be to clear your lungsof the tar and toxins that infest it. This takes dedication, discipline,information, and of course - action! This post will detail just a few ways youcan help to detox your lungs of the horrid, cancer causing chemicals thatthreaten to reduce your health - and even lead to an early demise!

1. Stay hydrated - Drinking a lot of water helps with any detoxincluding a lung detox. This helps the body to flush out impurities in theblood stream faster, and also helps you to remain more moist in the throat andlungs which allows you to flush the lungs more easily, and not harden the mucustoo much so ti clings to the insides more.

2. East Spicy Foods - This helps to liquefy the lungs of the tar(which is mucus, ash and chemicals from cigarettes) making it easier to flushout. Drink water and eat spicy foods is a good way to get the easy to reachproblems in your lungs. Chilli’s, Indian spices and so forth - anything thatcan give you a sweat and make your nose runny.

3. Lung Exercises - From cardio work to specific breathing exercises -you need to work those lungs! Heavy usage of the lungs will help you dislodgethat tar as has been mentioned. It also helps you breathe out many cancercausing particles and other impurities deep in the lungs. Lastly it strengthensthe lungs making your life easier and you breathe better.


Quitting Smoking To Clear Lungs

Posted by Howard Guy on April 13, 2011 at 6:12 AM Comments comments (0)

Quitting smoking is essential to clearing your lungs of tar and toxins. If you do not quit, youreverse any benefits of a healthy lung cleaning lifestyle and clog it back upagain. IT is much quicker to dirty your lungs than it is to clean the lungs.Stopping smoking cigarettes must be done for the sake fo your health and yourfuture efforts at being healthy too.

It is not easy to quit though. Nicotine is a hell of a chemical thatreally makes you crave cigarettes very physically. Stopping smoking causes youto experience a whole range of nasty side effects because of this that breakmost people their first attempt to quit. Then there is the other half which isthe psychological addiction to smoking. This is the brains addiction to thehabit that is something to be wary of. Over time your brain has come to EXEPCTyou to smoke, it expects the chemicals, it expects just the action of lightingup and smoking. This is a powerful thing that needs to be reversed.

Some way you can quit are:

  1. Quit smoking aids - E-cigarettes, nicotine gum, lozenges etc can all help to feed the nicotine addiction while weaning you off the ciggies for good.
  2. Hypnosis - This is not mind control or anything, it is just a way to reprogram your brain slightly
  3. Self help - There are many good self help books that can give you the edge on quitting.
  4. Cold turkey - the hardest, but the quickest way to eliminate smoking if you have the willpower

Why You Should Clear Your Lungs

Posted by Howard Guy on April 11, 2011 at 6:05 AM Comments comments (0)

If you are wondering if the state of your lungs is going to affect your lifenegatively after years of smoking then perhaps you have not been paying muchattention to the science and the media. Smoking is bad for you, you know it -we all know it - but it can be hard to accept. Lets take a fresh look at whatyour lungs are doing to hurt you - even if you have stopped smoking ...

Unclean lungs can:

  • Increase your chances of stroke and heart attacks massively.
  • Cause inflammation of the bronchial tubes which can become permanent (chronic bronchitis)
  • Further destroy your lungs causing increased emphysema - advance cases cannot function without breathing machines!
  • Lower your immune system which makes you more sick and less energetic
  • and of course - massively increases your chance of lung cancer!

As you can see, you need to clear your lungs of the stuff that causes theseproblems which is the tar and toxins form smoking.

Tar is a combination of ash and many other substances from smokingmixed with mucus and is hard to dislodge. Toxins cause cancer and infection andare trapped in by the tar. Together these are a huge problem for you. To combatthis you need to clean out your lungs and detox our body of all this garbage -as long as you have quit smoking of course.


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